Quinlyn Nixon Art

As from 23 April (St. George’s Day – very patriotic), I have launched my new venture ‘Quinlyn Nixon Art’, which is a marvellous opportunity to give vent to the different aspects of my illustration and graphic work.

Quinlyn Nixon Art logo(rgb)08.04.14

A lot of my recent work has been in the creation of illustrations to celebrate a child’s birth.  I have been told by the parents, that purchase these illustrations, that they will be treasured for many years to come.  I love creating something totally unique (often including some of the parents’ interests, i.e. football or the family pet) to make it that little bit extra-special.

Each illustration is produced in a scamp format, then a drawing is produced from which the final piece of artwork will be created.  Creating hand-drawn illustrations from scamps is quite a time-consuming task, but at the end of the day it’s very rewarding – personally and professionally.


6 thoughts on “Quinlyn Nixon Art

  1. Excellent Michael. You’ve made a great start. Onward and upward now – just need to keep the inspiration flowing for future blog posts – no easy feat!!

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