Looking For A Unique Gift?

A range of my illustration services are featured in my new leaflet ‘Looking for a Unique Gift?’.


If you would like a copy sent to you by e-mail or post, please send me a message on: quinlynnixonart@yahoo.co.uk
or visit my Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/quinlynnixonart

I couldn’t resist creating something a little bit retro’ on this leaflet, with the toucan (as a nod to the genius of John Gilroy, 1898-1985 – famous for his Guinness advertisements). I thought twice about the toucan’s suitability once I had drawn it (a dozen different times in a dozen different ways!) and wondered if it was the best way forward. Just then, I heard my letterbox and went to see a small piece of pink card lying on the welcome mat with the heading ‘Have You Got Big Bills?’. I thought ‘big bills’ that’s a sign that the toucan has to appear on the leaflet. Perhaps it was fate telling me that I was going in the right direction… Who knows, but I am sure that time will tell…


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