Please Mr. Postman – Bear-a-thought Illustration

I lived and worked in Carlisle, Cumbria from November 1990 to September 1998. In those nearly eight-years, I made some wonderful friends and gained a great love of this historic city, which is located near England’s Lake District.
Please Mr. Postman for Blog (low-res)
When I was working on the 2010 Bear-a-thought Calendar, entitled ‘Song Bears’ I chose to illustrate a very well-known hit song ‘Please Mr. Postman’. This tune was first released fifty-three years ago to this day*.

Carlisle was the first place to gain a pillar-box in mainland Britain (making it the ideal choice for my illustration) and now boasts a handsome, scarlet hexagonal Penfold pillar-box in front of the city’s Town Hall. I gained permission to sketch the pillar-box (which was difficult at the time, as it was surrounded by scaffolding) and incorporated Dylan, the bear, into the picture.  The bear, was named after my friend Jennifer A. Stephenson’s grandson, Dylan. The majority of the outfits that my bears wore in the illustrations from 2005 to 2014 were designed and created by Jennifer. She was an invaluable help and an enthusiastic supporter of my work. I’m not always delighted with the final results or outcomes of my artwork, but, thankfully, this one managed to capture everything I had imagined.  I’m a person who loves to get personal letters in the mail; so I didn’t have any choice but to include a song featuring a postman…  Now did I?

The ‘Please Mr. Postman’ song was first released on 21 August 1961, by The Marvelettes and later released by The Beatles on 22 November 1963 and later again by The Carpenters on 8 November 1974.

*Note: The song ‘Please Mr. Postman’ was released on 21 August 1961, by The Marvelettes (which consisted of: Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman and Wanda Young).

10 thoughts on “Please Mr. Postman – Bear-a-thought Illustration

  1. Michael, you are so talented! … your artwork is outstanding and so creative, amazing attention to detail. Wish you could pass on your skills to me. Ideally suited as an Art teacher. x

    • Thanks for the lovely compliments Marie, they are much appreciated. I loved teaching art at the College, as it was so rewarding seeing my students progress through their studies. I was amazed at their artwork in the end. If I set up, as a teacher again, I will certainly let you know :0). Thanks again, Marie. M x

  2. Enjoying your thought for today on FB, look forward to your chosen words of wisdom. Not long until snow monkey weather. x

    • It’s good to read that you are enjoying the quotes Angela – plenty of food-for-thought. I will pass your compliments on to my ‘ghost’ quote provider. You are right about the snow monkey weather – it’s on it’s way it would seem. Hope you are keeping well…M x

    • Thanks for that Mary; I always remember you were one of the first people to buy one of the calendars every year. I hope life is treating you well; it’s been many-a-moon since we worked together. Best wishes to you and your family. Mx

  3. It’s so great to see one of your “old” teddy bear illustrations again, Michael. As you know I love the teddy bears, but I also your eye for detail (and the all-present ladybug :o)! Have you ever considered bringing all these wonderful teddy bear illustrations together in a book? You would sell at least one copy… o)

    • Thanks for that Peter; I am pleased that it has brought some memories back for you. I have never considered doing a book of the illustrations, but it has been suggested several times to me. Maybe in the future; it would be a project that I would enjoy. I will have to put one of the first-editions aside for you and the bears. Thanks again for the comment. Take care of yourself. Kind regards, Michael ;0)

    • Hello Lynda, hope you are well. Thanks for the lovely comment. I remember posting your calendars to South Africa and many others to customers in Canada and Australia etc, over the years. I should have done the “Teddy Bears’ Atlas Calendar” and illustrated teddy bears from all the different countries that the calendars were posted to. Thanks for your encouragement over the years, as well as your continued interest in my work. Best wishes, Michael

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