Thoughts On – My Resolutions

This year, I have decided my New Year’s resolution will be not to have a New Year’s resolution. For the last few years I have always been full of good intentions: not to eat too much tapioca, try and do some exercise, wake up cheerfully to each and every new day…but this year, I am not going to set any goals that I know I will have failed at by the end of the month. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’ve got no willpower, it’s more the fact that if something is important to me, I will make my mind up to ‘do it’ or ‘not to do it’ without an annual start date.  It’s easy to make resolutions, which will be forgotten by the end of the month, so this year, I am going to take a common sense approach to it and take each day as it comes: eat chocolate today, cut back on it tomorrow…Best wishes to you for 2015smaller
If there is one thing that I am going to set my mind to do this year, it’s to be more in-tune with myself to the best of my ability.  One aspect of New Year that affects me is the nostalgia that is created at this changing from one year to the next…thinking about people who are no longer in our lives, opportunities missed, times of pain and pleasure… One other thing, that is brought to mind, is that ‘time is fleeting’ and that one ‘new’ year very quickly becomes the ‘old’ one. It’s a stark reminder that time is not on our side and that the important things to us in our lives need to become our necessities not luxuries…

2 thoughts on “Thoughts On – My Resolutions

  1. A very wise decision, Michael: no more New Year’s resolutions. I have given up on them a long time ago; if something needs to be done (or needs to be undone ;o) or if a change in lifestyle is necessary, I hope I will have the common sense to know when the time is ripe. I hope 2015 will be a great year for you, so that when you post your blog in 2016, you will be able to look back with satisfaction.

    • Hello Peter, thanks for that information. It would seem that I am following in wise footsteps… I also thank for you for the best wishes for 2015, as last year was quite ‘varied’. I sincerely wish you and the bears a great year too…with lots of wonderful things to look forward to…

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