My Blog’s First Birthday!

This month – the merry month of May – sees my blog being one-year-old.  As most blogging parents, I feel proud of my fledgling blog.  I’ve enjoyed writing about my work, my interests and my life and I have enjoyed getting the lovely feedback from my friends – some of which are from my childhood and working life and others from people who have stumbled on to this blog and wanted to leave a comment.  
I didn’t realise when I started this blog, that it would take so much time and commitment, as well as enthusiasm and creativity, but it has been extremely enjoyable and that makes it so worthwhile.  So, here’s to the next year of blogging…

To everyone who has left a message on this blog over the last year, thank you for your lovely comments, thoughts and feedback.  It’s much appreciated (x).

4 thoughts on “My Blog’s First Birthday!

  1. Congratulations, Michael! It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s not easy to keep it updated regularly. I have always loved reading your posts, especially when there were bears involved. 😉
    Hugs, Peter & the bears ♥

    • Hello Peter, and thanks very much for your comment. Your comments throughout the year have really helped to keep me motivated. Thanks for that it is much appreciated, as is your continued interest in my work. Regards to you and the hug, Peter. Michael :o)

    • Thanks Angela. I knew that this was your message before I even saw your name, ha ha. Thanks for your support. It was good to see you the other week; it was just a shame that I didn’t have much time to chat. Take care of yourself, Michael x

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