Christmas Craft Creations

Since starting to teach again last September, I have been busy.  Along with my 12-year-old niece we have been busy trying out craft creations, such as greeting cards and pen tidy pots and things like that, that can be used for practical exercises in the class…

I sketched some pictures on to a sheet of A3 paper (robin, snowman, reindeer etc) to create some templates to make greeting cards and then pasted them on to cardboard to cut them out, so we could draw around them on coloured paper and create the cards.  We had a great time and many hours passed before we stopped.  I don’t always get the time to ‘test’ things out before my students have a go, but on this occasion it was most beneficial, as it gave me the opportunity to work out what degree of difficulty was involved in making each card.  Believe it or not, the Santa Claus was the most difficult.  The reindeer was very popular, but my personal favourite was the penguin, but that’s because I love penguins.

We also had a lovely time creating a series of pen tidy pots, that were covered in felt and decorated with felt and cardboard pieces to create reindeers, penguins and snowmen.  Most of these were sold at my students’ Christmas craft fair, so that was a good enterprise scheme.  We had used coffee cylinders and crisp tubes, so apart from the felt and some glue and a few hours spent doing craft, it was rather a cost effective and enjoyable exercise…

Penguin handmade Christmas card Robin handmade card

Penguin pen tidys Reindeer card and reindeer pen tidy

To all of you that read my blog (and there are some that do it…frequently), I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and every best wish for the forthcoming year.  I hope 2016 is a good one for us all! x

4 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Creations

  1. There is nothing quite like a homemade Christmas card, especially if you get a little help from your niece. ;o) The penguin is my favourite too, and I love the idea of the pots covered with felt. It doesn’t take a lot of money to give a lovely Christmas present.
    Have a great New Year, Michael!

  2. Loved the grumpy robin because he is so like the one which visits our garden each day and glares in the window until we fill up the feeders then he sings and goes on his merry way.
    The penguins are my favourite too as they remind me of the documentary ‘Snow chick’ shown last night on tv.
    My grandchildren love to craft using bits and pieces but I never thought about using crisp tubes as pencil pots, I’ll suggest that to them and see how they get on. I always save scraps of material and toilet toll holders for them to make something when they visit.
    Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year 🙂

    • I love feeding the birds as well, Maureen. I get a good variety of birds in the garden, including robins, nuthatches, woodpeckers and even a Peacock! Pleased you liked the felt Penguins; I would really recommend trying these with your grandchildren. Have a great Christmas, Maureen, and every best wish for 2016. Michael x

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