Highland Cow (an exercise in colour)…

oeIt was one of those days when you just feel inspired to draw something, but you don’t know what and then your eye rests upon something that sparks your creativity.  I was just returning from a shopping trip in Newcastle upon Tyne, when I spied some Highland cattle from the lofty heights of the double-decker bus I was travelling on.
The colour of the cattle, a rusty orange, captured my imagination and I sourced some images online on my return home.  I found an excellent picture of a Highland cow and decided to reproduce it using a limited colour palette of coloured pencils: French Grey, Indigo, Raw Sienna, Chocolate, Venetian Red and Terra Cotta.  I didn’t allow myself to use Black pencils.  As well as working with a limited palette, I only allowed myself three-hours to create the drawing and the colouring.  In hindsight it could have done with some extra work, but I was determined not to go over the time allocation I had set myself from the outset.  In many ways this colour and time exercise reminded me of when I was a student at Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle.

I have a friend who is very fond of Highland cattle and this illustration just might find its way to her some day in the, hopefully, not-too-distant future…

2 thoughts on “Highland Cow (an exercise in colour)…

  1. Michael the minimal colours you have used to create this wonderful piece have almost made it feel mystical, I think the use of the French grey you have used for the grass and the background have added to the presence of the highland cow. Even though you only gave yourself a three hour time scale, you have once again captured the very essence of the animal, and the detail you have put in is amazing for the time scale. I have also enjoyed reading about your first job and finding out about how you started on your way to become the fantastic artist you are today, keep up your amazing work and as always look forward to reading your blog, yours nd.

    • Hello Neil and thanks for that lovely feedback on my drawing, it’s great to know that my blogs are of interest to friends and new viewers alike. I totally appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given me over the last few years. I hope you enjoy the next couple of blog posts as much too… Michael

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