Witch Hazel – Bear-a-thought Illustration

I’ve done many teddy bear illustrations over the years, but some of them I do forget, but this isn’t one of them.  Although I am not a great fan of Hallowe’en, I do love the colour and imagery that I had to capture in this drawing.
Witch Hazel by Michael Quinlyn-Nixon for blog
I was asked by a big company in America, to illustrate one of their many beautiful teddies and after looking through their glossy catalogue several times, I was ‘taken’ to this little witch bear, with her sequinned cape and starry hat.  I liked drawing this teddy bear ‘as she was’, which included her rather sad looking face.  A number of my customers used to say, “Can you draw that teddy bear smiling?” and I replied, “I draw the bears as they present themselves”.  Teddy bears have individual characters: some happy some sad – just like human beings.

I remember my youngest niece, Cora, was just a baby when I started this illustration and the small wizard or witch that was coming out of the jack-o-lantern resembled her a little bit (she will be cross with me for putting this on here!), so I had to include him/her in the illustration.  Many of my teddy bear illustrations have a soft pastel theme, but with this one I could use the strong colours of green, orange and purple without hesitation.  I loved doing the confectionery: lollipops, cupcakes and biscuits with the ghosts and black cat cake toppings.  It was a great deal of fun (I think I ate them ALL afterwards!).

Whatever you have done or are doing for Hallowe’en, I do hope that you get a lot more treats than tricks!  Enjoy yourself and be safe…

4 thoughts on “Witch Hazel – Bear-a-thought Illustration

  1. Happy Haloween, Michael! I love the fact that you wrote “Teddy bears have individual characters: some happy some sad – just like human beings.” So I’m not the only one who thinks that. A wonderful illustration and I hope the Big American C paid you handsomely and not just in pumpkins. :o)

    • Hi Peter, I hope you are well. Believe it or not, I knew that little point would mean something to you when I wrote this blog post. I must know you well, after all these years of friendship. I hope the big American companies didn’t pay me in pumpkins, as they are not my favourite at all :), but it could have been sweets or confectionery if my memory is correct. Hope you had a good Hallowe’en… Take care of yourself :0)

  2. Happy Halloween Michael, naming no names, but this post reminds me of a boy and a girl on a broom shank wearing net curtains and pretending to be cats up near the old Junior school in our old Village.!!!!! Hoping life is treating you good, your artwork as usual is exquisite ! x

    • Happy Hallowe’en to you too, Deborah. I can’t recall the names of that boy and girl in our old village (that’s the story I am sticking too 🙂 ), but I bet they had a lot of fun to rival their imagination. Happy times… I hope life is treating you well my ‘old’ friend. Thanks also for the most welcome comments about my art, it’s lovely to have your feedback. Take care x

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