11 thoughts on “Ladybirds and forget-me-nots…

  1. That is such a lovely story Michael. Together with your fantastic illustrations thank you and a Happy Easter. Xx

  2. Beautiful picture as usual accompanied by a beautiful story. You have brought so much joy to many people with your art and blogs for which I thank you. Every time I see a ladybird I think of you. Keep up the good work and Happy Easter. Maureen Peacock

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Maureen. Apologies that it has just appeared now. I have to ‘vet’ comments for approval and for some reason yours was late coming through, so I have just seen it. I am delighted that you enjoy reading my blog. I get lots of ladybird gifts from people all year through, so many of them must think of me when they see ladybirds too. That’s a really good thing. Happy Easter to you too and I hope you keep enjoying the blog posts x

    • Thanks so much for that comment, Deborah. You will remember what used to be the marsh area, around about where the Ever Ready factory used to be? Did it later become Armstrongs? It was a magical place for me as a little boy, with all those large prehistoric-looking plants and weeping willows. I remember searching around on the cracked and parched soil, that looked like crazy paving, looking for the little scarlet ladybirds walking along with my Grandad. Really special memories.

      • Armstrongs was opposite the Ever Ready Michael, but I know exactly where you mean. You wouldnt recognise the place now, it is very commercial with new buildings everywhere. Happy Easter. x

  3. I always look forward to reading your blogs Michael, this is such a heartfelt one, these are memories we treasure forever. The pastel colours you have used are beautiful and very calming. Happy Easter and keep up the absolutely fantastic work, kind regards Neil.

    • Thanks for that, Neil. It was definitely a heartfelt memory that inspired this blog post, with memories brought to mind by seeing a lovely ladybird picture that my friends, Helene and Jeff Phillips had taken this week during a walk around The Howk (former Bobbin Mill) at Caldbeck, Cumbria.

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