Taffy – Dog Portrait

Taffy is a mischievous Welsh terrier who lives in Rhyl, Wales with Joyce and William. They are relations of my close friends Mary and Peter Lupton who commissioned me to do the drawing in honour of Joyce’s birthday.

Taffy who likes to be out for walks along the promenade – in all weathers – was, I have to admit a total delight to draw. Being the first Welsh terrier that I have ever drawn I was soon ‘under his spell’ as I worked away at him on my drawing board. So much so, that I was rather loathe to part with him when the time came.

I was very pleased to hear that Joyce was delighted with the present. saying, “It’s the best present I have ever had”.

  Mary scribbled on an envelope “I love the illustration, darling”, so that was a very satisfactory outcome as I had enjoyed every minute of creating Taffy on paper.

4 thoughts on “Taffy – Dog Portrait

  1. I cant believe I used to sit at the same table as an art genius. ! Amazing work as usual Michael. It makes me want a Welsh Terrier. x

  2. Another amazing dog portrait Michael, you truly capture the personality of the dogs you draw. Look forward to seeing more of your amazing art.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I am really pleased that you are enjoying the art on this blog. I have some more dogs to illustrate in the future (commissions ‘in the wings’), so hope you enjoy those as much – in the months to come. Thanks again for posting your comment…

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