Michael Quinlyn-Nixon…

Michael Quinlyn-Nixon, an artist born-and-bred in the North East of England, has been producing a wide range of illustrations in watercolour and coloured-pencil since his first exhibition at Washington Wildfowl Centre in April 1988.


Michael Quinlyn-Nixon, pictured with two furry friends – Scruff and Cuthbert, for a calendar promotional photograph in 2008

Michael, who was born in Blackhill, Consett, County Durham, has enjoyed drawing since he was a child and his talent was nurtured at Tanfield School in Stanley, Derwentside College in Consett, New College in Durham and Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle, where he studied graphic design.  Michael has been employed in the areas of marketing and retail, as well as the newspaper and educational industries.

Michael’s illustrations became known to an international audience with his popular Bear-a-thought limited-edition greeting cards and calendars.  His first calendar was produced in 2002 – the centenary year of the teddy bear – and won his work a great many admirers from Durban to Denmark and Quebec to Queensland.  His work often reflects his love of natural history and, because of his attention to detail, requires a great deal of vision, commitment and above all patience!

Helene M. Phillips  a friend and former colleague


2 thoughts on “Michael Quinlyn-Nixon…

  1. Michael, I always look forward to reading your blog and look forward to reading your stories that go with the fantastic illustration work you do. It’s amazing how you manage to catch the essence and personality of the animals you draw, it shows what an extremely talented artist you are. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next installment on your blog. ND😀

    • Thank you so much ND for your feedback, it’s always good to know that the work I am doing is of interest to people ‘out there’ to look at and read. I hope you enjoy the next instalment on my blog. Thanks again. 🙂

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